All You Want To Know About Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments:

musical instruments

In this world there are many musical instruments, Musical instruments divided into 3 categories which are,

  • Strings instruments
  • Percussion instruments
  • Wind instruments

Strings Instruments:

Any musical instruments which has strings attach called strings instruments. We have many different type of strings instruments such as Guitar, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, violin and many more.

We play string instruments in many ways like to hit strings to pluck strings or with the help of bow. All string instruments are best and their sound directly hit our soul but the most popular strings instruments is “The Guitar”.

There are many different type of guitars like (Acoustic guitar, Electro acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, classical guitar)

Percussion Instruments:

Any musical instrument which we hit and it produce sound called percussion instruments. We have many different type of musical instruments such as drums, cajon, darbuka, shakers, Congo, bongo, djembe and many more. Percussion instruments usually produce sound between 50hz-600hz. The most popular percussion instruments in “the drum.”


There are many different type of drums like jazz drum, acoustic drum, percussion drum.

But if you are complete beginner so acoustic drum is perfect for you!

There are basic drum set is 5pc which has, (PICTURES)

  • 2 toms 12” and 13”
  • Snare 14
  • Floor tom 16”
  • Bass drum 22”

Any good beginner drum kit you can find in approx 250$-500$. So go to any musical instrument shop and show them the above specs and purchase the drum kit according to your budget.

After purchasing the drum kit it comes in carton box if you are completely new so may be it is difficult to assemble drum kit. But don’t worry I will let you know how to easily assemble the drum kit with few easy steps!

Wind Instruments:

When we blow air in the instruments hole it produce sound this instrument called wind instruments. There are many types of wind instruments such as Flute, melodica, kazoo, harmonica, saxophone and many more.

The most popular wind instrument and my most favorite one is SAXOPHONE. It invented in 1846 first time in Paris. Saxophone tone is really very sweet when you play it you feel really fresh. If you have to play some jazz or blues music so this instrument is best for you! You can get a good saxophone in the budget of 250$-500$

How Many Types Of Saxophone?

  • Soprano Saxophone. This is one of the smallest types of saxophones that can have either a straight or a curved shape. …

  • Alto Saxophone. …
  • Tenor Saxophone. …
  • Baritone Saxophone. …
  • Sopranissimo Saxophone. …
  • Sopranino Saxophone. …
  • Bass Saxophone. …
  • Contrabass Saxophone. …
  • Subcontrabass Saxophone. …
  • C-Melody Saxophone. …

 Which Saxophone Is Good For Beginners?

 If you are completely beginner then tenor or alto sax are best for you.

Top Tenor Saxophone Brands

  • Yamaha YTS-26 Standard Tenor Saxophone.
  • Jupiter JTS710GNA Tenor Saxophone.
  • Antigua Winds X/P TS1203L Tenor Saxophone.
  • Eldon ETS420LN Tenor Saxophone.
  • Selmer TS711 Tenor Saxophone.
  • Mendini By Cecilio MTS-BNG+92D Tenor Saxophones