Change Your Guitar Strings In Few Easy Steps!

guitar strings

Changing guitar strings is a very important part of taking care of your musical instrument. If you don’t change your strings, they can lose their tone and become old and dull.

The good news is that changing the strings on your guitar is not as hard as it may seem. There are many different types of string sets for guitars, so it’s important to know what type you need before you go shopping. The best way to find out what kind of strings are best for your guitar is to ask the store guy or do some research online.

How to change guitar strings in easy steps:

Things you need to change guitar strings;

Table is very important thing in changing strings to put it very perfectlyYou will need a clean table for putting your guitar.  We recommend wooden tables…

Table For Guitar Tunning

With the help of guitar winder you can easily rotate tuning pegs other wise your wrist got hurt easily so guitar winder is mandatory.

Guitar String Winder

Bridge pins remover is very important when you have to remove your guitar bridge pins because by just using your hands you cant remove it and if you remove it any other sharp thing so chances got higher that your guitar bridge got damage.

Wire cutter is very necessary when we change our guitar strings because the reason is that when we install new strings in our guitar so its usually long so we have to cut it other wise our hands got hurt.

You always have to clean your guitar so duster is very important to clean it properly.

For proper shine and clean your guitar fret board and guitar polish is best with the help of fret board polish your guitar neck is very smooth and you love to playing it.

New string set

Now we have all the things so we can easily change our guitar strings.

Step 01:

Loose all the strings with the help of guitar string winder, put the winder in tuning pegs and move the tuning pegs and easily loose all the guitar strings very carefully.  Remove bridge pins with the help of Bridge pins remover Now remove all the strings wire care fully.

It doesn’t matter what order you replace the strings in, but if it’s your first time, we really recommend that you start with the thickest string (the sixth) because this is the simplest one to alter.

The toughest to alter on the string (the thinnest string) is the first because it’s slipperier and more prone to untwist as you wind it up.

After removing all the strings,

STEP 02:

now apply guitar fret board polish on guitar fret board and rub it with any clean duster after this method your guitar fret board going to be very smooth and when you play your guitar after this method you will enjoy a lot!

STEP 03:

Now put guitar polish on head stock body front and back now rub it very gently you have to clean your guitar while playing it give you positive vibe.

Now look at your guitar its looking fantastic now!

STEP 04:

Open your new guitar strings packet and start installing string one by one start from E low.

Put one side of the string in bridge pin hole and other side of the picture in tuning peg hole. Now little bit tight the string with the help of guitar winder to adjust the string. Repeat the same process for all the strings.

After installing all the strings now tune your guitar accurately.

Congratulations! Now your guitar is ready to play enjoy your playing now.

Which guitar string set best for beginners?

If you are totally beginner and you don’t know which guitar strings is good for you so don’t worry I will help you.

There are many several guitar string gauges like .08 .09 .010 .011 these gauges come in every brand strings.

.08 guitar string gauge is very soft guitar string and sharp sound so if you are totally beginner it will not good for you may be possible when you play guitar so it will break easily from you.

.09 guitar string gauge is little better in thickness as compare to .08 its sound is crispy and crunchy.

.010  gauge strings is good not very hard not very light its sound is bright good for rhythm guitarist.

.011 gauge strings is thick and heavy its for picking and plucking playing mostly.

I recommend .09 and .010 guitar strings for beginners these both gauges are good.

In my recommendation Daddario EZ890 and EZ900 is best for beginners. So you can now easily order the above strings because you have now its model number.

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